singing for adults

Most of us have sung at some time in our lives, and definitely when we were kids. There’s something very special about singing in that it has the ability to always make us feel good, even if it’s something you do just for yourself.

However, adults often lose confidence in their ability to sing even the simplest song, when all it might take is a little bit of knowledge and training to find out exactly how your voice works, how to breathe effectively and how to work out the notes.

The focus of the lessons will be on identifying your range, correct singing technique (including breathing and note production), general musicianship and music reading. We will look at how to approach each new song, whatever the style, and how to look after your voice.

I like to incorporate different aspects of music in lessons, including theory of music, ear training and some simple improvisation. But the balance of activities is something we will discuss together, along with your preferred style, whether it be classical, pop, jazz or punk!

A thirty-minute private lesson costs 40chf.
A forty-five minute private lesson costs 55chf.