piano for adults

Don’t be afraid!

You might be a complete beginner who has always had a yearning to learn how to play piano. Or maybe your kids are learning and you thought you should lead by example!

Or perhaps you learnt for a while when you were younger and have always wanted to pick it up again. Whatever the reason, playing piano as an adult can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding activities you can do.

If you decide to learn we will take it at a speed that suits you. At your first lesson I will see where you are at and take it from there. If you are just beginning we will start with a method book. This gives us a good starting point and lets you see what you will be learning step by step. Methods I like to use includethe Hal Leonard Adult Piano Method and Faber Accelerated Piano Adventures, and I will supplement the method books to provide you with a variety of styles. I am always open to requests and if you have commenced learning with another method I am more than happy to continue using that method or a combination of methods.

Shared lessons
If you and a friend would like to learn together, please get in touch. A shared lesson can be very enjoyable. You will be able to both sit at a digital piano during the lesson, and we will do lots of duet and even trio playing together.

It is best, though, if you are both roughly the same level or beginners. I also recommend that every now and then you both have a private lesson, to give us the opportunity to work on any problem areas.

The fee for a shared lesson (two people) is 35chf each for 45 minutes.

Private lessons
A thirty-minute private lesson costs 40chf.

A forty-five minute private lesson costs 55chf.