my philosophy

My first piano teacher was terrible. I remember waking up on Monday mornings hoping that something would happen to prevent my lessons taking place. My teacher, who seemed to be at least a hundred years old, would yell when I played a wrong note, never seemed to smile and would slap my hands with a ruler she kept handy for just such a purpose. It really is a miracle that I ever continued.

It was with this in mind that I decided to specialise in teaching beginners and making learning music something fun. Learning an instrument should, above all else, be enjoyable. At times it will also seem very much like hard work, but if students get the chance to develop their confidence and skills in a safe and fun environment they will get much satisfaction and enjoyment from playing. Whether your child is destined to play professionally or not is really beside the point, as the ability to play an instrument or sing is something that they will carry with them through life.

In the same way, for adults playing an instrument or singing should also be something from which they gain much satisfaction and enjoyment, regardless of their preferred playing style or the amount of time they have available for practicing. It is never too late to learn!